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Useful Databases

List of Important Databases

Below is given the list of databases that may play an important role during the development of Disease Prediction related tools, biomarksers development and Personalized medicinnes development, they are key resources during the whole process. The most useful are:
  1. PharmGKB: Variation in drug response based on human variation
  2. SuperTarget and Matador
    Drug-related information: medical indications, adverse drug effects, drug metabolism and GO terms of the target proteins
  3. HGVbase: A curated human polymorphisms database
  4. Human p53, human hprt, rodent lacI and rodent lacZ databases
    Mutations at the human p53 and hprt genes; rodent transgenic lacI and lacZ mutations
  5. IDBD: Infectious Disease Biomarker Database
  6. KinMutBase: A registry of disease-causing mutations in protein kinase domains
  7. OMIM - Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
  8. The Cell Cycle DB
    Genes and proteins involved in human and yeast cell cycle
  9. TiProD: Human promoter sequences
  10. TRBase: Tandem repeats in the human genome
  11. VarySysDB: Various types of human gene polymorphism
  12. BodyMap: Human and mouse gene expression data
  13. ASHESdb: Alternatively spliced human genes by exon skipping database
  14. GDB: the Human Genome Database
  15. HIB: The HumanInfoBase, a database of putative human gene transcripts
  16. DART - Drug Adverse Reaction Targets
  17. Database of Germline p53 Mutations
  18. dbMHC: Genetic and clinical database of the human MHC
  19. dbSNP: Database of single nucleotide polymorphisms
  20. DG-CST: A database of Disease gene conserved sequence tags
  21. DrugBank: Combined information on drugs and drug targets
  22. EHCO: Encyclopedia of Hepatocellular Carcinoma genes Online
  23. Endogenous GPCR List: G protein-coupled receptors; expression in cell lines
  24. EpoDB - Erythropoiesis Database
    Genes expressed during human erythropoiesis
  25. Evola: Human genes and their vertebrate orthologs
  26. F-SNP: Functional effects of various human SNPs
  27. FESD - Functional Element SNPs Database
    SNPs located within promoters, UTRs, etc., of human genes
  28. GenAtlas: Human genes, markers, and phenotypes
  29. Gene Aging Nexus: Aging-related gene expression data
  30. GeneAnnot: Revised and improved annotation of Affymetrix human gene probe sets
  31. GeneCards: Integrated database of human genes, maps, proteins, and diseases
  32. GeneLoc: Gene Location database, formerly known as Unified database for human genome mapping (UDB)
  33. GeneNest: Gene indices of human, mouse, zebrafish, Arabidopsis, and Drosophila
  34. GeneNote: Human genes expression profiles in healthy tissues
  35. GeneSpeed: Protein domains in the expressed human, mouse, fly and worm genes
  36. Genetics Home Reference: A general guide on human hereditary diseases
  37. GenomeTraFaC: Conserved regulatory elements of human and mouse genes
  38. GEO - Gene Expression Omnibus
    Public gene expression repository
  39. GOLD: Information regarding complete and ongoing genome projects
  40. GOLD.db - Genomics Of Lipid-associated Disorders
    Genes, proteins, and pathways implicated in lipid- associated disorders
  41. GPCR NaVa database
    A database of natural sequence variants within the family of human G Protein-Coupled Receptors
  42. GPCRDB: G protein-coupled receptors
  43. gpDB - G-protein database
    G-proteins and their interaction with GPCRs
  44. H-DBAS: Human database of alternative splicing
  45. H-InvDB: Full-length human cDNA clones
  46. HaemB: Factor IX gene mutations, insertions and deletions
  47. HAGR - Human Ageing Genomic Resources
    Genes related to ageing in humans and model organisms
  48. HapMap Project: SNP Consortium data
  49. HbVar: Human hemoglobin variants and thalassemias
  50. HCAD - Human Chromosome Aberration Database
    Chromosomal breakpoints and affected genes
  51. HGNC Database: Human gene nomenclature database: Approved symbols for all human genes
  52. Database of Genomic Variants
    Human genomic variants: frequency, segmental duplications and genome assembly gaps
  53. dbERGEII: Database of experimental results on gene expression