Users can download the various kinds of data available in ApoCanD by clicking their respective links. Users must acknowledge the ApoCanD, if they use this data in their research work in any form.


Download Links

Apoptosis protein sequence (82)Link
Mutation dataLink
Expression and CNV dataLink
Gene essentiality dataLink
Tertiary structure dataLink
Structure DomainsPFAM domains, Superfamily domains
Sequence alignments dataCCLE, COSMIC, 1000 Genome, Homologous Proteins
Sequence profiles dataHMM profile with Uniprot, HMM profile with mutants,HMM profile of 1000 Genome variants, PSSM profile with Uniprot, PSSM profile with Mutants, PSSM profile of 1000 Genome variants
Post translational modification dataLink