We are thankful to the authors and developers of following tools and databases used in ApoCanD.

Name of Resource/Database/Software Publication
COSMIC:Catalogue of Somatic Mutation in Cancer is the vast collection of mutations in large number of sample from where we took mutation reported in apoptosis proteinsPMID: 22460902

CCLE: From CCLE, we took mutational, gene expression and copynumber variation data of apoptosisi proteins.PMID: 22460905
BLAST: BLAST algorithm was used to search user defined in set of apoptosis proteins.
HHblits: HHblit suite was used to search the best template(s) for the structure prediction.
Jalview: Jalview was used for visualization of sequence alignnment and dendrogram of mutants.
Jmol: JmolApplet was implemented for the visualization of predicted tertiary structure.
MODELLER: MODELLER software has been used for the prediction of tertiary structure of apoptosis proteins.PMID:18428767
COLT-cancer Database: From this database, we took the gene essentiality profile of apoptosis genes.