Kapoor, P., Singh,H., Gautam, H., Chaudhary, K., Kumar, R. and Raghava, G. P. S. (2012) TumorHoPe: A database of tumor homing peptides. PLoS ONE 7(4): e35187. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0035187

Welcome to TumorHoPe - A comprehensive database of Tumor Homing Peptides

TumorHoPe is a manually curated comprehensive database containing 744 entries of experimentally characterized tumor homing peptides. These peptides recognize tumor tissues and tumor associated micro environment, including tumor metastasis. Thus, they can be used to deliver drugs selectively in tumors.

Importance of Peptides: Poor selectivity of chemotherapeutic drugs for cancer is a major challenge for successful clinical outcome. Conjugation of drug with homing peptide may enhance the selectivity and efficacy of the therapy. Current efforts are being focused on tumor homing peptides that may target tumor tissues.

Information about Peptides: Tumor Homing Peptide Database has been developed using extensive literature search. It contains detailed information about the tumor targeting/homing peptides. Each entry contains following type of information about a peptide; its sequence, source, target tumor, target cell, biomarker, applications and clones. Experimental details like phage display libraries used, cell lines, in vivo animal models and payloads used have also been incorporated.

Sequence analysis of peptides: We have computed amino acid composition, amino acid frequency and other physical properties of each peptide. User can search peptide with desired amino acid frequency or compositions or physico-chemical properties.

Structure of Peptides: In order to design a peptide it is important to understand its tertiary structure. In order to provide structural information, we have predicted tertiary structure of tumor homing peptides using PEPstr. Secondary structures of these peptides were assigned using program DSSP.

Important Tools: This database provides number of tools to facilitate its users. It includes i) Keyword search for searching on any field; ii) Peptide search for searching peptide sequence among tumor homing peptides; iii) BLAST Search for similarity search etc.

Last Updated on January 2012
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