=== If you are using this database, please cite, Kumar et al. (2019) HumCFS: a database of fragile sites in human chromosomes. BMC Genomics 2019,19(Suppl 9):985 ===

Human chromosmal fragile sites

Fragile sites are specific chromosomal region that exhibit an increased frequency of chromosdomal breakge when cells are exposed to replicative stress. Since from the discovery of chromosomal fragile sites/regions (CFS), several line of evidence suggests their involvement in human pathologies and they have been recognized as a preferential site for integration of exogenous oncogenic DNA viruses and hotspots for chromosomal re-arrangement. There is large gap in our knowledge of human CFS region as knowledge about CFS are unequally distributed in literature, which impose a problem in studying these region. In order to address these issues, we develop this platform HumCFS, which provides comprehensive information about experimentally identified CFS at a single source.Coordinates of CFS was taken from literature studies and human reference genome hg38 was taken into consideration for annotation of CFS for protein-coding and regulatory elements.

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