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Reference: Chaudhary A., Bhalla S., Patiyal S., Raghava G.P.S. and Sahni G (2021)
FermFooDb: A database of bioactive peptides derived from fermented foods.
Heliyon 7(4):e06668

FermFooDb, a database of peptides derived from fermented foods contains 2325 entries of unique peptides from the fermented foods. The food matrix varies from milk of different animals such as cow, sheep goat and camel, meat proteins, soya milk proteins, yoghurt, rice wine and cheese. Each entry elucidate the comprehensive information about different food matrices, kind of starter culture, the peptide which includes its sequence, inhibitory concentration (IC50), their functional trait such as antihypertensive, Ace inhibitory, anticancer, anti-diabetic, antioxidant, antithrombotic, antibacterial, their assay conditions and methods of analysis.

Major Features

Comprehensive Information: FermFoodb provides extensive information regarding peptides that are present in fermented foods. The detailed information of such peptides includes; i) Peptide Sequence, ii) Prescusor Protein, iii) Modifications, iv) Mass, v) Profiling Techniques, vi) Activity, vii) Model, viii) Food Matrix etc.

Searching Facilities: These modules allow users to retrieve data from FermFooDb using various options that includes; i)keyword search for text-based search, ii) peptide search for searching peptide sequences using string matching, and iii) advanced search for performing complex in database

Browsing FermFooDb: This module facilitate user to browse data in FermFooDb on different fields. It present calssified data where classification is performed on wide range of data that includes Food Matrix, Function, peptide length etc.

Sequence Similarity: Numreous similarity search tools have been integrated in web sites of FermFooDb that allow one to perform similary search of their peptide sequence against peptides obtained from fermented food in this database.

Responsive Templates: This dataabase is built using responsive template so it is compatible for all type of devices (e.g., desktop, tablet, ipad, smart phone)