ECGPRED: Prediction of Gene Expression from its Nuculeotides Composition

Prediction of Gene Expression : This server learn and build SVM model from users microarray data and then predict the expression of unknown genes using this SVM model based on its codon composition. You may restrict the genes to be used for training by selcting length and expression filter.

Example Submission

(You may format your data/files similar to these example files/data) 
Expression Data: Expression Level of Known Genes
Sequences: Nucleotide Sequence for Genes Used in Expression data
Sequence of genes to be predicted: Nucleotide Sequence of Unknown Genes  
Results :  Predicted expression of unknown sequences  

Submit your Data for prediction of gene expression

Target/name of Slide (optional): Expression Data: (Upload your expression data file containing name of genes in first column and expression level in second column) Gene Nucleotide Sequences in FASTA Format: (Nucleotide sequence of genes used in expression data file. First line/header (e.g >gene_name) should contain name of genes used in gene expression file. Sequence of genes to be predicted: (Nucleotides sequence of genes whoes expression level, user want to predict by learning on expression data)
Sequence Length: From (Min.)           To (Max.): 
Gene Expression: From (Min.)           To (Max.):