ECGPRED: Prediction of Gene Expression \
from its Nuculeotides Composition

Correlation Analysis : This option allows user to compute correlation between expression of gene and its nucleotide composition..

Example Submission

(You may format your data/files similar to these example files/data) 
Expression Data: Expression Level of Known Genes
Nucleotide Sequence : Genes Used in Expression data
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Submit your Data for Correlation Analysis

Target/name (optional): Expression Data: (Upload your expression data file containing name of genes in first column and expression level in second column) Nucleotide Sequences in FASTA Format: (Sequence of genes used in expression data file. First line/header (e.g >gene_name) should contain name of genes used in gene expression file.
Sequence Length: From (Min.)           To (Max.): 
Gene Expression: From (Min.)           To (Max.):