Welcome to 2-D Similarity Search Page of CPPsite 2.0

This page provides an option to perform searching of peptides using BLAST algorithm based on secondary structure states of peptides. It will help in searching peptides with similar secondary structure states to the query peptide. Users need to paste their peptide secondary structure in the textbox provided below. Each secondary structures state is presented by single letter, H for helix (DSSP states: H, G, I), E for beta-strand (DSSP states: B, E), T for turn (DSSP state: S, T) and C for coil. For more information see HELP page.

Submit query for BLAST Search

Paste your peptide secondary structure(DSSP state) in single letter code.()*


By default suggested parameters/options have been set for Peptide BLAST.
   User can change the parameters as per the needs.

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SEG Filtering       Compositional Biasness  


* This is an example of TP10 Cell Penetrating Peptide