Help Page of ChAlPred

ChAlPred Webserver

This webserver has been designed to help the scientific community working in the field of Allergy. This server predicts the chemicals as allergens and non-allergens using different file formats SDF/SMILES/Mol.

This page provides help on different modules of server. Following are major modules in this server:

Predict: This module has been developed to predict the chemical molecules as an allergen or non-allergen. Here the users are allowed to paste or upload a file with multiple molecules in different file formats like; SMILES, SDF, and MOL format.

Draw:It allows users to draw the chemical structure of the molecule using the Ketcher. Users have the choice to either build a new molecule or edit/modify an existing molecule.

Analog Design:This module is designed specifically for the users who want to develop analogs of their lead molecule. A user needs to submit a scaffold structure along with the building blocks and linker molecules. Using the submitted information, the web server uses the SmiLib package.