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Reference: Sharma N., Patiyal S., Dhall A., Devi N.L. and Raghava G. P. S. (2021) ChAlPred: A Web Server
for Prediction of Allergenicity of Chemical Compounds. Comput Biol Med. (In Press)

Allergy is the hypersensitivity of the immune system, after exposure to the certain molecules called allergens. There is a wide variety of molecules that can pose a threat as allergens including biological molecules like proteins/peptides and some chemical compounds. The allergy caused by chemical compounds is known as Chemical Allergy. Multiple new chemical entities are also introduced every year for designing new drugs or other purposes. That's why there is a great need in drug discovery process to determine whether the chemical compounds has allergenic or non-allergenic properties. Therefore, there is a need for some computational tool that can help to predict the allergencity of the chemical compound. To the best of our knowledge, ChAlPred (Chemical Allergen Prediction) is the first attempt to develop the method for predicting allergenicity of chemicals and small molecules. User can give the chemical compound in different file formats and the web server will predict the compound as allergen and non-allergen. It uses chemical descriptors (2D, 3D and Fingerprints), and predict the chemical using differnt machine learning approaches.