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B3Pdb is a database of Blood Brain Barrier crossing Peptides, it contains around 465 unique Blood Brain Barrier penetrating Peptides (B3PPs) alongwith their secondary and tertiary structure. This database maintains experimentally validated B3PPs.

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Blood Brain Barrier transport
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BBB Peptides

Major Features

Comprehensive Information: This version contains 1225 entries where each entry provides extensive information about a B3PP that includes; i) peptide sequence, ii) nature of peptide, iii) chemical modifications.

Searching Facilities: Searching modules allow users to retrieve data from database using various options that includes; i) searching on any field, ii) Complex Search.

Group-wise Data Browsing: Modules under this section allow the users to retrieved data in classified manner. These modules allow user to browse B3PPs of different categories that include Animal Model.

Mobile Compatible Website: B3Pdb is built on a responsive template, compatible for desktop, tablet and smart phone. These templates are dynamic that fit content based on screen size of device.

Reference: Kumar et al. (2021) B3Pdb: an archive of blood–brain barrier‑penetrating peptides. Brain Structure and Function. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00429-021-02341-5