ABCRpred Standalone Version

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Information Regarding GPSRdocker

ABCRPred is integrated in GPSRdocker, which is a docker based container that maintain bioinformatics resources. Following are major steps to install and use in GPSRdocker

Step1: Pull the docker image using command "docker pull raghavagps/gpsrdocker". This command will pull the required docker image.

Step2: Run the image using command "docker run --name=gpsr -it raghavagps/gpsrdocker". This command will run the container in the background with the running image name "gpsr".

Step3: Next step is to enter the container and this can be done by running the command "docker exec -it gpsr /bin/bash". Run scipt /gpsr/gpsr_install in image to install ABCRPred.

Step4: Go to the software directory which is present in the folder /gpsr/standalone/ and run the script saved by the software name.

Step5: Once user has run the experiment, he/she can save the result using command "docker commit gpsr raghavagps/gpsrdocker"

Additional Information

For more detailed information related to docker please visit the official website of Docker.

User can also use the other software developed by our group present in the image. For more description, please refer our website GPSRdocker.Manual is provided at the website. User can download it to have more information.