SAPdb: Database for Self Assembling Peptides

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Reference: Mathur et al. (2021) SAPdb: A database of short peptides and the corresponding nanostructures
formed by self-assembly. Computers in Biology and Medicine, 104391

SAPdb contains 1,049 dipeptide and tripeptide entries that self-assemble to form a nanostructure such as nanofibers, nanotube, nanosphere, nanofibers, hydrogel or organogel etc. These short peptides are the best models to study the self-assembly of peptides to form nanostructures since they have a simple structure and are fast and easy and to synthesize with chemical modifications in large amounts. They show relative chemical and physical stability and diversity in shapes. They pose as promising candidates for building blocks of burgeoning fields of nanobiotechnology and material sciences involved with biosensors.

Major Features

Comprehensive Information: SAPdb contains 1,049 entries where each entry provides extensive information about a peptide that includes (i) peptide sequence, (ii) chemical modifications, (iii) technique to analyze self-assembled structure, (iv) experimental method, (v) type of self-assembled structure and (vi) size of self-assembled structure.

Searching Facilities: Searching modules allow users to retrieve data from database using various options that include (i)Simple search for keyword text-based search and (ii) Advanced search for performing complex query against the database.

Data Browsing: This module permit the users to fetch the information in a classified manner. Classification is performed on the basis of type of (i) chemical modifications in the peptide sequence, (ii) nanostructure form on self-assembly, (iii) size of nanostructure formed, (iv) technique employed to analyze self assembled structure,(v) publication year, (vi)dipeptide and (vii) tripeptide.

Analysis Modules: Similarity search tools have been integrated in websites of SAPdb that allow users to perform similary search of their peptide sequence against SAPdb database.Mapping tool facilitates users to map and identify dipeptides and tripeptides which have a tendency to undergo self-assembly from within their query protein sequence. Users can examine the physiochemical properties of their query peptide using the physiochemical properties integrated in SAPdb

Mobile Compatible Website: SAPdb is built on a responsive template, hence SAPdb is compatible for desktop, tablet and smart phone.