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Conformational flexibility determines selectivity and antibacterial,antiplasmodial, and anticancer potency of cationic alpha-helical peptides. 22869378
Anti-plasmodial action of de novo-designed, cationic, lysine-branched, amphipathic, helical peptides. 22853877
Evaluation of amoebicidal potential of Paneth cell cryptdin-2 against Entamoeba histolytica. 22206022
Efficacy of synthetic peptides RP-1 and AA-RP-1 against Leishmania species in vitro and in vivo. 22123683
Peptide Inhibition of Topoisomerase IB from Plasmodium falciparum. 22091414
Effect of BMAP-28 antimicrobial peptides on Leishmania major promastigote and amastigote growth: role of leishmanolysin in parasite survival. 21655347
Antimicrobial peptide killing of African trypanosomes. 21517904
Thiostrepton and derivatives exhibit antimalarial and gametocytocidal activity by dually targeting parasite proteasome and apicoplast. 21245445
The plasma membrane of bloodstream-form African trypanosomes confers susceptibility and specificity to killing by hydrophobic peptides. 20615879
Trypanosoma cruzi: synergistic cytotoxicity of multiple amphipathic anti-microbial peptides to T. cruzi and potential bacterial hosts. 20206169
Antimalarial activity of ultra-short peptides. 20032878
Role of Plasmodium falciparum digestive vacuole plasmepsins in the specificity and antimalarial mode of action of cysteine and aspartic protease inhibitors. 19752273
Characteristics of novel insect defensin-based membrane-disrupting trypanocidal peptides. 19584534
Killing of trypanosomatid parasites by a modified bovine host defense peptide,BMAP-18. 19190729
Antimalarial peptides from marine cyanobacteria: isolation and structural elucidation of gallinamide A. 19161344
Neuropeptides kill African trypanosomes by targeting intracellular compartments and inducing autophagic-like cell death. 19057622
Structural determinants of antimicrobial and antiplasmodial activity and selectivity in histidine-rich amphipathic cationic peptides. 18984589
Comprehensive study of proteasome inhibitors against Plasmodium falciparum laboratory strains and field isolates from Gabon. 18816382
Inhibition of malaria parasite development by a cyclic peptide that targets the vital parasite protein SERA5. 18591232
Mollamides B and C, Cyclic hexapeptides from the indonesian tunicate Didemnum molle. 18543965
Cell-penetrating peptide TP10 shows broad-spectrum activity against both Plasmodium falciparum and Trypanosoma brucei brucei. 18519720
The antimicrobial peptide NK-2, the core region of mammalian NK-lysin, kills intraerythrocytic Plasmodium falciparum. 18332165
Synthesis and antimalarial evaluation of cyclic beta-amino acid-containing dipeptides. 18305429
Human antimicrobial peptide histatin 5 is a cell-penetrating peptide targeting mitochondrial ATP synthesis in Leishmania. 18230684
Antimalarial linear lipopeptides from a Panamanian strain of the marine cyanobacterium Lyngbya majuscula. 17441769
Effect of the antimicrobial peptide gomesin against different life stages of Plasmodium spp. 17376436
Antiplasmodial activity of lauryl-lysine oligomers. 17307975
Characterization of a defensin from the sand fly Phlebotomus duboscqi induced by challenge with bacteria or the protozoan parasite Leishmania major. 15557638
Temporins, small antimicrobial peptides with leishmanicidal activity. 15513914
Isolation and characterization of Psalmopeotoxin I and II: two novel antimalarial peptides from the venom of the tarantula Psalmopoeus cambridgei. 15304333
Role of positional hydrophobicity in the leishmanicidal activity of magainin 2. 15273109
Coronamycins, peptide antibiotics produced by a verticillate Streptomyces sp.(MSU-2110) endophytic on Monstera sp. 15073289
Antimalarial activities of novel synthetic cysteine protease inhibitors. 14638488
Killing of African trypanosomes by antimicrobial peptides. 12825184
Dermaseptins from Phyllomedusa oreades and Phyllomedusa distincta.Anti-Trypanosoma cruzi activity without cytotoxicity to mammalian cells. 12379643
Epithelial innate immunity. A novel antimicrobial peptide with antiparasitic activity in the blood-sucking insect Stomoxys calcitrans. 12372834
Protein farnesyltransferase and protein prenylation in Plasmodium falciparum. 12194969
Design and activity of antimicrobial peptides against sporogonic-stage parasites causing murine malarias. 12069961
Direct interaction of dermaseptin S4 aminoheptanoyl derivative with intraerythrocytic malaria parasite leading to increased specific antiparasitic activity in culture. 11937508
In vitro antiplasmodium effects of dermaseptin S4 derivatives. 11897590
Gambicin: a novel immune responsive antimicrobial peptide from the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae. 11606751
N-terminal fatty acid substitution increases the leishmanicidal activity of CA(1-7)M(2-9), a cecropin-melittin hybrid peptide. 11502512
Antimalarial activities of peptide antibiotics isolated from fungi. 11120957
Antimalarial activities of dermaseptin S4 derivatives. 10952593
Isolation and characterization of gomesin, an 18-residue cysteine-rich defense peptide from the spider Acanthoscurria gomesiana hemocytes with sequence similarities to horseshoe crab antimicrobial peptides of the tachyplesin family. 10942757
Structural information on a cecropin-like synthetic peptide, Shiva-3 toxic to the sporogonic development of Plasmodium berghei. 9799128
Antimalarial synergy of cysteine and aspartic protease inhibitors. 9736544
The plasma membrane of Leishmania donovani promastigotes is the main target for CA(1-8)M(1-18), a synthetic cecropin A-melittin hybrid peptide. 9461543
The antibiotic micrococcin is a potent inhibitor of growth and protein synthesis in the malaria parasite. 9517961
Selective cytotoxicity of dermaseptin S3 toward intraerythrocytic Plasmodium falciparum and the underlying molecular basis. 9395500
Effect of tryptophan-N-formylated gramicidin on growth of Plasmodium berghei in mice. 9257760
Prevention of insect-borne disease: an approach using transgenic symbiotic bacteria. 9096383
Characterization of the potent in vitro and in vivo antimalarial activities of ionophore compounds. 9055986
Inhibition of Plasmodium falciparum protein synthesis. Targeting the plastid-like organelle with thiostrepton. 8999899
Apicidin: a novel antiprotozoal agent that inhibits parasite histone deacetylase. 8917558
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Differential in vitro activities of ionophore compounds against Plasmodium falciparum and mammalian cells. 8851578
Inhibition of a Plasmodium vinckei cysteine proteinase cures murine malaria. 8450035
Antimalarial effects of peptide inhibitors of a Plasmodium falciparum cysteine proteinase. 1939639
Magainin analogs effective against pathogenic protozoa. 2285300
All-D amino acid-containing channel-forming antibiotic peptides. 1693777
Effects of magainins and cecropins on the sporogonic development of malaria parasites in mosquitoes. 2759705
In vitro cytocidal effect of novel lytic peptides on Plasmodium falciparum and Trypanosoma cruzi. 3049204
Inhibition by cyclosporin A of rodent malaria in vivo and human malaria in vitro. 6752020