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Flow diagram of the Prediction scheme

BTXpred Server : Prediction of Bacterial Toxins

The aim of BTXpred server is to predict bacterial toxins and its function from primary amino acid sequence using SVM, HMM and PSI-Blast. Bacterial toxins play an vital role to cause disease and are responsible for majority of symptoms and lesions during infection.

About BTXpred

1. The server allows users to predict bacterial toxins with 96.07% accuracy.

2. It allows users to classify bacterial toxins into exotoxins and endotoxins with an accuracy of 95.71%.

3. It allows users to classify exotoxins into seven different functions depending upon their molecular targets i) activate adenylate cyclase, ii) activate guanylate cyclase, iii) food poisioning iv) neurotoxins, v) macrophage cytotoxin, vi) vacuolating cytotoxin and vii) thiol activated cytotoxin with 100% overall accuracy.

Mirror site of BTXpred server at UAMS

Please cite following paper (if you are using this server)
Saha, S. and Raghava, G. P. S. (2007) Prediction of bacterial proteins In Silico Biology (In Press)

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