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User can browse the whole data in the database according to the physico-chemical properties. The data has been divided into different categories on the basis of values of Molecular Weight, XlogP and Topological Polar Surface Area.The user can select the desired range of compounds by clicking on the different parameter's ranges. User can also browse the entries through entry's name.

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XLogPProvides Benzylisoquinoline Alkaloids having XlogP value within a particular range
NameDistinct compounds and number of entries corressponding to them
NaturalList of Naturally occuring Benzylisoquinoline Alkaloids
SourceBenzylisoquinoline Alkaloids accessible through their source
FunctionBenzylisoquinoline Alkaloids accessible in accordance with their function
Molecular WeightBenzylisoquinoline Alkaloids having Molecular weight within a particular range
Topological Polar Surface AreaBenzylisoquinoline Alkaloids having TPS area* within a particular range
*Topological Polar Surface Area