Help Page of AntiTbPred

AntiTbPred Webserver

This webserver has been designed to help the scientific community in designing antitubercular peptides.

This page provides help on different modules of server. Following are major modules in this server:

Predict: This module allows users to predict antitubercular peptide in a set of peptides or peptide library (virtual screening). User may submit large number of peptides and server will predict and rank them based on their potential of bactericidal activity against Mycobacterium.

Design: It generate mutant of a query peptide and predict antitubercular peptides in mutants. This server allows users to identify minimum mutations required to increase its potency.

Scan: This module generates overlapping peptides of the query protein sequence and predicts antituberuclar ability of these peptides. It allows users to identify regions in a protein have potency to kill Mycobacterium.