ToxiPred: A server for prediction of aqueous toxicity of small chemical molecules in T. pyriformis
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Inhibitor Prediction

  KiDoQ (Mtb target)

  GDoQ (Mtb target)

  ABMpred (Mtb target)

  eBooster (Mtb target)

  MDRIpred (Mtb cell)

  CancerIN (Cancer)

  ntEGFR (Cancer EGFR)

  EGFRpred (Cancer EGFR)

  DiPCell (Pancreatic Cancer)

  DMKPred (Human Kinases)

  TLR4HI (Human TLR4)

  HIVFin (HIV)

Antigenic Properties

ADMET Properties

  MetaPred (Cytochrome P450)

  ToxiPred (Aqueous toxicity)

  DrugMint (Drug-like)

  QED (Oral drug-like)

  Format Conversion


Supplementary Data- Toxipred

For the development of effective QSAR model, we have used total 1213 molecules list is given here- data (SMILE format) with pIGC50 value.