eBooster: A webserver for prediction of EC50 value of compounds against EthR of M.Tuberculosis
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Inhibitor Prediction

  KiDoQ (Mtb target)

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  eBooster (Mtb target)

  MDRIpred (Mtb cell)

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  EGFRpred (Cancer EGFR)

  DiPCell (Pancreatic Cancer)

  DMKPred (Human Kinases)

  TLR4HI (Human TLR4)

  HIVFin (HIV)

Antigenic Properties

ADMET Properties

  MetaPred (Cytochrome P450)

  ToxiPred (Aqueous toxicity)

  DrugMint (Drug-like)

  QED (Oral drug-like)

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M.tuberculosis an intracellular pathogen kill billions of people worldwide.Ethionamide is used as a second line drug for treatment of tuberculosis particularly in the patients who are resistant to isoniazid, and rifampicin. EthR, a transcription repressor (TetR family) that is responsible for low sensitivity of pathogen Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb) to the antibiotic ethionamide. Therefore, use of EthR inhibitor is a way to cure the patient who developed resistance against first line drugs. This prediction tool is based on chemical screening data against M.tb H37Rv. The model developed has good predictive power as demostrated.

eBooster is a server where user can submit chemical molecules in the commonly used format (mol/SMILE/sdf) and after descriptors calculation our server would predict the pEC50 of chemical. We hope that present model will aid in the area of drug designing against M.tb.