Standalone version of VitaPred

Download Standalone VitaPred (Windows OS based) Size 81.3 MB

Six Important Instructions To Follow

1. To run the VitaPred you need program SVM light v6.02 program. You can directly download the windows binaries of SVM light from

2. After downloading SVM light v6.02, please extract the zip file ( and copy the svm_classify program into the installation folder/directory (where you have installed VitaPred).

3. Install BLAST (blast-2.2.18-ia32-win32 version) software into VitaPred installation folder. It will create bin, data and doc folders. These three should be remain inside installation folder.

4. This software will be installing on any windows Operating System with SP3 (Service Pack 3) version.

5. Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Environment is essential for VitaPred.

6. This Software is best display on the 1366 X 768 pixels screen resolution.

Ten Steps - How to Install VitaPred

Step 1 - First, download VitaPred.msi in your windows OS from HERE.

Step 2 - Double click on the VitaPred.msi. It will open a security warning dialogue box then click Run option.

Step 3 - Click next button of the VitaPred Setup Wizard dialogue box.

Step 4 - Read License Agreement carefully, if you are agree with that click next button.

Step 5 - Read informations about VitaPred and click next button.

Step 6 - Select installation folder for VitaPred. Default folder option is C:\IMTECH\vitapred\. Click next button.

Step 7 - Confirm installtion of VitaPred by pressing next buttion

Step 8 - Installing VitaPred - If requires, please give the user account control permission.

Step 9 - Installtion complete - Click close to exit.

Step 10 - Now VitaPred is avialable in your installation folder. Identify VitaPred with this logo.

MOST IMPORTANT INSTRUCTION - To run the VitaPred you need program SVM light v6.02 and BLAST (blast-2.2.18-ia32-win32 version) into the VitaPred installation folder.