If you are using TSP-PRED, please cite "Harinder Singh, Sandeep Singh and GPS Raghava (2014). A composite approach for tertiary structure prediction of proteins. CASP11 proceedings. p192

Welcome to the Homepage of TSP-PRED

This server allows you to predict the 3D structure of proteins from its amino acid sequence. Its based upon a composite approach, incorporating honmology and ab-inito based methods. For homologous regions, HHsuite (HHblits) is used for prediction of most homologous PDB chains and their respective regions. We have developed a new ab-inito method, based upon the representative diheral angles for prediction. The compositie approach combines the best of homology and ab-inito based approaches for final structure prediction.

TSP-PRED results on CASP11 targets

Recently TSP-PRED participated in
CASP11 competition which is a gold standard and worldwide benchmarking platform for protein tertiary structure prediction methods. Based on the results of the CASP11, TSP-PRED achieved following landmarks:

  • 25th Rank among all the servers which participated in CASP11 with average TM score of the first model being 54.42 (Zhang-server with 1st Rank had average TM score being 67.39)

  • Best performer (1st Rank) in 3 targets (T0760, T0841 and T0843) based on TM score of first model

  • Best performer (among top 5) in 7 targets (T0760, T0768, T0772, T0841, T0843, T0854(domain 1 and 2)) based on TM score of first model