Importnat Steps

Job Title [optional]: User can give a title name for the job.

E-mail [optional]: The prediction results will be avaiable on the provided Email address.

Input sequence: The RNApin accepts RNA sequence only in standard FASTA format (User can submit/upload multiple RNA sequences). All the nucleotides should be in single letter code.

SVM Threshold Options: The performance of SVM is threshold-dependent. Therefore, we have provided an option to choose SVM thresholds. The default threshold is 0.0.

Probability Score: RNApin predicts a probability score, which varies from 0-9 for each nucleotide of RNA sequence. At default 0.0 threshold level, probability scores ranges between 0-4 and 5-9 predicted as non protein-interacting (non-PINs) and protein-interacting nucleotides (PINs) respectively.

A sample of Job Submission Form (below)

RNApin prediction results (below)