Pprint2 is an updated version of Pprint developed for predicting RNA interacting residues in a protein. This method is developed on the largest and non-redundant dataset. PSSM profiles were used to train and evaluate the performance. The best accuracy achieved was 82.05% using 1D-CNN based classifier. The major modules provided by the webserver are as follows:

  • •  Predict: This module allows the prediction of RNA-interacting residues in a protein sequence(s) and highlight the same in the resulting page.

  • •  Standalone: This module provide the links for downloading the standone from GitHub or from the main website.

  • •  Download: This module provides the training and validation datasets used in this study.

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Please cite following reference if you are using this server

Patiyal et al. (2022) Prediction of RNA-interacting residues in a protein using CNN and evolutionary profile. Briefings in bioinformatics, 23(5) bbac538