Welcome to the Help page of NeuroPIpred Server

This webserver has been designed to help the scientific community in vaccine design and development. This server predict Insect neuropeptides.

This page provides help on different modules of server. Following are major modules in this server:

Predict: This module allows users to predict the insect neuropeptide in a set of peptides or peptide library (virtual screening). User may submit large number of peptides and server will predict the given peptide have neuropeptide property or not.

Design: It generate mutant of a query peptide and predict insect neuropeptide residue in mutants. This server allows users to identify minimum mutations required to increase its potency.

Scan: This module generates overlapping peptides of the query protein/peptide sequence and predicts insect neuropeptide ability of these peptide. It allows users to identify regions in a protein/peptide have potency to become neuropeptide.

BLAST: This module run blast and hits the query peptide against the insect neuropeptide stored in our database and show the similar peptides to the user query sequence.