Prediction of NAD interacting residues in proteins

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NADbinder server discriminate the NAD interacting residues and non-interacting residues from a given sequence. The NADbinder server uses the SVM based method by using the Position Specific Scoring Matrix (PSSM) generated from the query sequence(s). The overall accuracy of this server is ~ 87%.

Sequence Name

This is an optional field. It can have any alphabet and numbers with "-" or "_".All other character are non-permissible.

E-mail Address

This is an optional field. Our PASSM based method take some time. User can provide the Email ID to get the result in through mail however result will be printed on the screen itself after job completion.

Sequence Format

Amino acid sequences must be entered in the standard FASTA format. Sequence(s) can be pasted or can be given as a file. All the non standard characters like [*&^%$@#!()_+~=;'",<>?.\|} are ignored from the sequence.The warning is displayed if the user submit input from both sources or no sequence is submitted.

Prediction Approach

NADbinder is a web-server specially trained for the NAD interacting residues. The prediction is based on the basis of PSSM pattern of 19 window motif of amino acid sequence by using support vector machines (SVM).

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