******** Reference: Singh H., Srivastava H.K. and Raghava G.P.S. (2016) A web server for analysis, comparison and prediction of protein ligand binding sites. Biology Direct 11:14. ********

Welcome to Home Page of LPIcom

LPIcom is a web server developed for understanding protein-ligand interaction for almost all ligands available in Protein Data Bank. It has three major modules called Analysis, Comparison and Prediction module. This server provides following facilities; i) assigning of ligand interacting residues in a protein from structure of protein-ligand complex, ii) composition of ligand-specific interacting residues, iii) composition-based comparison of binding sites of different ligands, iv) generation of two sample logo of ligand binding sites, v) searching of ligand binding motifs and vi) propensity based prediction of ligand interacting residues.

Example output of comparision module