TheHLA-DR4Pred is an SVM and ANN based HLA-DRB1*0401(MHC class II alleles) binding peptides prediction method. The accuracy of the SVM and ANN based methods is ~86% and ~78% respectively.The performence of the methods was tested through 5 set cross-validation. The training of SVM and ANN was done by using the freely availaible SVM_LIGHT and SNNS packages respectively. The data for training of neural network and SVM model has been extracted from MHCBN database.This method will be useful in cellular immunology, Vaccine design, immunodiagnostics, immunotherapeuatics and molecular understanding of autoimmune susceptibility.
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 Sample of Sequence Submission Form-: 


Display I
Display II
Tabular Display

 Display I-:  This format dispalys all predicted HLA-DRB1*0401 binders just by higlighting them.The starting residue of each predicted binder is shown is highlighted with pinkish color and while rest of the residues are highlighted in voiletblue color.The results will be dispalyed in the streches of 100 amino acids in each each line.This option is very useful in detecting MHC binder dense regions in the sequence.The example of display format is shown below.

 Display II-: This format display all ovelapping predicted binders in separate lines. The display is provided with a scale which provide indication about position of the epitope in the antigenic sequence. The starting residue of each binder is shown in red color while rest of epitope is shown in blue color.

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