ECDB- Endometrial Cancer Gene Database

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Endometrial cancer is the third most common cause of gynecologic cancer death after ovarian and cervical cancer. In developed countries, it is the most common cancer of the female genital tract and is ranked fourth most common cancer in women in the US. ALthough experimental evidence indicates that several genes play crucial roles in development, progression and prognosis, to our knowledge, there is no database specifically focusing on endometrial cancer yet available. Therefore it had become necessary that an integrated central repository is designed that catalogue the information on genes/proteins that are involved in the different stages of endometrial carcinogenesis.

Therefore, ECDB, a manually curated database is designed and developed to provide a comprehensive resource of genes deregulated in Endometrial cancer. At present, ECDB documents evidence for 410 genes and provides details regarding gene and protein sequences, its location, architecture, function, chromosomal positions, accession numbers, gene, CDS sizes, gene ontology, domains, SNPs, pathways, homology to other eukaryotic genomes, biological phenomenas whose alteration leads to endometrial cancer and information regarding tissue samples as evident from literature. In addition we provide rich cross reference to other web resources like HPRD, Ensemble, OMIM and to other cancer databases. ECDB provides a user-friendly interface for a convenient retrieval of each entry by Gene ID, Pubmed ID or target gene name.