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Updated version CPPsite 2.0 of this database is now available. This site will be down after some time

CPPsite: CPPsite is a database of experimentally validated Cell Penetrating Peptides (10-30 amino acids).

Importance of CPPsite: CPPs have tremendous therapeutic applications. These are widely used to promote intracellular uptake of conjugated cargos (nucleic acids, peptide nucleic acids, proteins, drugs, liposomes etc.) and thus play role to overcome the problem of poor delivery and low bioavailability of therapeutic molecules. CPP conjugated drugs when delivered in vivo have shown promising results with high efficacy. Many CPP-conjugated compounds are under clinical trials. CPPsite database provides comprehensive information on CPPs, which may be helpful to scientific community working in the area of peptide based drug discovery.

What type of information it has: CPPsite database's current version contains comprehensive information of 843 CPPs with multiple entries in terms of peptide sequence, source/origin, localization, uptake efficiency, uptake mechanism, hydrophobicity, charge etc.

Is it a manually curated database: Yes, we have collected and compiled all the information from published literature. In addition, we have also generated structural information of CPPs. We predicted tertiary and secondary structure of these peptides using PepStr and DSSP.

Search options at CPPsite: Database provides three search options:
Simple search: User can search in any field and display any field.
Complex search: It allows the user to search complex queries.
Sequence search: It assists user to search small peptides in CPPsite.

Major tools at CPPsite: CPPsite has number of tools e.g. BLAST, SMITH-WATERMAN, Identical Residues, Petide Mapping, Properties, Structural prediction which assist user in exploring CPPsite database.

Other features: CPPsite also contains various browsing options such as amino acid frequency, amino acid composition, physical property frequency and composition.

Refrence: Gautam A, Singh H, Tyagi A, Chaudhary K, Kumar R, Kapoor P, Raghava GP (2012). CPPsite: a curated database of cell penetrating peptides. Database (Oxford). Mar 7;2012:bas015. Pubmed Link