Welcome to Help Page of CellPPD

CellPPD is one of its kind webserver where user can predict and desgin cell penetrating. This is an extremely useful tool for the researcher working in the field of cell penetrating peptides. Here user can design cell penetrating peptides with high efficiency by adjusting different properties of peptides. Various user freindly tools are availaible in CellPPD. For better understanding of CPP designing, please refer manual.

Design Peptide: This tool will generate all the possible mutants of a query peptide sequence and predict whether it is CPP or not alongwith the physcio-chemical properties of each mutants. User can also use motif information for the prediction CPPs in mutant peptides by choosing SVM+Motif based method.

Multiple Peptides: Here user can design multiple peptides at one time.

Protein Scanning: This is an extremely useful tool for the researcher who wants to search new CPPs from a protein sequence. This tool generates all the possible overlapping fragments of length choosen by the user. Then it will predict whether the given fragment is CPP or not alongwith the physico-chemical properties of each peptide fragment

Motif Scanning: Here user can search for CPP motifs in given protein sequences. After submission user will get alignment of prominent CPP motifs present in protein sequences, if any.