CCDB- Cervical Cancer Gene Database

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Cervical cancer is one of the leading cancers among women, which affects approximately 500,000 women each year, resulting in approximately 230,000 deaths worldwide. Of these 85% have been reported from developing countries including India. Inspite of the large population affected from malignacy still at present there is no database that catalogues genes involved in cervix cancer. As a result, it has become canonical to develop a specific database that would help in understanding the genes that regulate the proliferation of cervical cancer.

The Cervical Cancer Gene Database is a manually curated catalog of experimenatlly validated genes that are thought to be involved in the different stages of cervical carcinogenesis. Each entry contains information regarding the gene and protein sequences, its location, architecture, function, chromosomal positions, accession numbers, gene, CDS sizes, gene ontology and homology to other eukaryotic genomes. In addition we provide rich cross reference to other web resources like Unigene, HPRD, HGNC, Ensemble and OMIM augmenting CCDB-specific information with external data. CCDB also provides relevant literature references of genes included in the database.

  • Please cite following paper, if you are using this database
    Agarwal, S.M., Raghav, D., Singh, H. and Raghava, G. P. S.. (2011) CCDB: a curated database of genes involved in Cervix Cancer Nucleic Acids Research (2011, 39, D975-D979)