Welcome to AntiCP 2.0

AntiCP 2.0 is an updated version of AntiCP (http://webs.iiitd.edu.in/raghava/anticp/), developed to predict and design anticancer peptides with high accuracy. This study utilize largest dataset of anticancer and non-anticancer peptides. Main dataset consists of experimentally validated 861 anticancer peptides and 861 non-anticancer or validated antimicrobial peptides. Alternate dataset comprises of 970 anti-cancer peptides and 970 non-anticancer peptides (randomly pickup from Swiss-Prot).

Major features

  • Predict: This module can be used to forecast whether a peptide is a anticancer or a non-anticancer along with the prediction score and it also calculates the various physiochemical properties.

  • Designing Peptide: This module can be utilized to generate mutant analogs of given input anticancer, which can target anticancer-receptor complex and paralyze signal transduction pathway. The tool has a potential application in creating anticancer-based insecticides for integrated pest management.

  • Protein Scanning : This module generates all possible overlapping peptides and their single mutant analogs of protein submitted by the user. It also predicts whether overlapping peptide/analog is anticancer or not.
  • Download: This module provides the datasets used in this study.

One of the major features of server is that it also calculates various physicochemical properties. Peptide analogs can be displayed in sorting order based upon desired properties.