Help About AntiBP2

General Information & Help

General Information

Antibp server discriminate the antibacterial peptides from non-antibacterial peptides. The Antibp server uses the SVM based methods having the patterns and amino acids composition of a peptides. The overall accuracy of this server is 92.14% for prediction of antibacterial and non-antibacterial with very good accuracy for classification in source and family. This server can be useful for designing the peptide based antibiotics.

Stepwise Help

Name of Protein
This is an optional field. It can have any alphabet and numbers with "-" or "_".All other character are non-permissible.

Protein Sequence
This server allows the submission of sequence in any of the standard formats. The user can paste plain sequence in the provided text area. The server also has the facility for uploading the local sequence files.

Sequence Format
Amino acid sequences must be entered in the one-letter code. All the non standard characters like [*&^%$@#!()_+~=;'",<>?.\|} are ignored from the sequence. The warning is displayed if the user submit input from both sources or no sequence is submitted.

Prediction Approach User can use only one terminus method (N-terminus, C-terminus, N+C terminus, Full sequence composition) in SVM for their prediction at a time.Server also provides a number of options including selection of threshold for SVM and selection of the different terminals.