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The haptens are low molecular weight molecules which by itself do not elicit immune response until and unless complexed with an immunogenic carrier, such as protein. Once an antibody is formed, it can bind to Hapten.  

Haptendb Database

Haptendb is a database of haptens which provide comprehensive information about the Hapten molecule, ways to raise antibodies against particular group of haptens, specificity and cross reactivity of raised antibody with related haptens, use of antibodies in constructing cost effective and simple detection kits. Following are major features

  • It covers wide array of haptens that includes; pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, drugs, vitamins, steroids, hormones, toxins, dyes, explosives, etc.

  • The database contains 2021 entries for antibodies either raised against haptens or cross-reactivity of antibody raised against one Hapten with other related haptens. Every single record in the database contains detailed information about the Hapten, the carrier and the antibodies along with the assay methods and their sensitivity towards Hapten detection.

  • The database provides information about 1087 haptens that includes: (i) common and chemical name of Hapten, (ii) molecular mass, physical and chemical properties, (iii) biological importance and the structure. 

  • Haptendb provides online web tools that allows users to retrieve and analyze the data that includes: (i) tools for searching database using keywords with many options and, (ii) browsing tool that allows the user to browse the database on Hapten name, carrier protein and antibody.

  • The database has 2-D and 3-D structures of most of haptens in standard format based on information in literature.  It also allows sketching structures online and searching of similar structures in database.

  • One of the powerful tools in Haptendb is structure similarity search tool, which allows user to search similar structures.

Acknowledgements : We are grateful to the authors of Jmol and JME Molecule Editor for providing their software for free. We are also thankful to developers of CORINA server from where we convert our structures from 2D to 3D. We are thankful to developers of JChem for use of their jcsearch utility in our web server.
Warning : The browser of user must support Java applets and Java script ( web browser must also support JavaScript and LiveConnect communications between JavaScript and Java applets ) in order to use Jmol and JME. More information in this regard can be taken from there respective web sites.






  If you are using this Server Please cite
     Singh M.K., Srivastava S.,Raghava G.P.S. and Varsheny G.C (2004) HaptenDB. Nucleic Acids Res. (Online)