Epitope (B cell & T-cell)

There is a tremendous change in strategy of designing vaccines, it is moving from minimisation to micro-minimization (whole pathogen to antigen to antigenic peptides). This server list severs developed for predicting compete path of antigen processing (endogenous & exogenous). It include methods for predicting; i) MHC or HLA binders, ii) helper T-cell epitopes, iii) CTL epitopes, iv) TAP binders.

Servers for predicting epitopes  (Raghava's Group)

  1. ABCpred: Mapping of B-cell epitope(s) in an antigen sequence, using artificial neural network.
  2. Ab-Affi: Computer program for calculating affinity of a monoclonal antibody using non-competitive ELISA.
  3. BCEpred: Prediction of linear B-cell epitopes, using Physico-chemical properties.
  4. BCIpep: Collection & compilation of B-cell epitopes from literature.
  5. BTEVAL: Evaluation of beta-turns prediction methods.
  6. Cancertope: A Platform for Designing Genome-Based Personalized Immunotherapy or Vaccine against Cancer.
  7. CBTOPE: Conformational B-cell Epitope prediction.
  8. ELISAeq: Computer program for determining the concentration of antibody/antigen from ELISA data.
  9. IgPred: Prediction of antibody specific B-cell epitope.
  10. LBtope: A server for predicting linear B-cell epitopes.
  11. mhc: Matrix Optimization Technique for Predicting MHC binding Core.
  12. mhcbench: Evaluation of MHC Binding Peptide Prediction Algorithms.
  13. mhc2pred:SVM based method for prediction of promiscuous MHC class II binders.
  14. MHCBN: A database od Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) Binding,Non-binding peptides.
  15. MHCBN4: A database of MHC/TAP binding peptides and T-cell epitopes.
  16. MtbVeb: A webportal for designing vaccine against drug resistant and emerging strains of M. tuberculosis.
  17. MycoTb: A software for managing mycobacterium tuberculosis.
  18. Pcleavage: Identification of protesosomal cleavage sites in a protein sequence. 
  19. PolysacDB:  A comprehensive Database of microbial Polysaccharide antigens and their antibodies.
  20. ProPred: A webserver to  predict MHC Class-II binding regions in an antigen sequence.
  21. ProPred-1: Prediction of  promiscuous MHC Class-I binders.
  22. TAPPred: A webserver for predicting binding affinity of peptides toward the TAP transporter.
  23. ZikaVR: An Integrated Zika Virus Resource for Genomics, Proteomics, Phylogenetic and Therapeutic Analysis

External Links to web servers developed/mainatined by Indian groups

This section provides URL/links to important websites developed and maintained by Indian researchers. It exclude servers by Raghava's group, which is given in above section. 

  1. AntiInflam: Prediction of anti-inflammatory proteins/peptides: an insilico approach.
  2. CEP: a conformational epitope prediction server.
  3. dbDiarrhea: the database of pathogen proteins and vaccine antigens from diarrheal pathogens.
  4. HLaffy: Estimating peptide affinities for Class-1 HLA molecules by learning position-specific pair potentials.
  5. ProInflam: A webserver for the prediction of proinflammatory antigenicity of peptides and proteins.