Vaccine Adjuvants

Both arms of immune system (innate and adaptive), plays an important role in protection and elimination of a disease. Most of tools developed in past address problems associated with adaptive immune system. In addition to adaptive immune system our group also developed computational tools to predict biomolecules that can activate innate immunity. These tools can be used to design vaccine adjuvants as well as for predicting immuno-toxicity of biomolecule.

In silico tools for designing Vaccine Adjuvants (Raghava's Group)

  1. ALGpred: Prediction of allergenic proteins and mapping of IgE epitopes in antigens.
  2. AntigenDB: an immunoinformatics database of pathogen antigens.
  3. BTXpred: A server for predicting bacterial toxins.
  4. CancerTope: In silico Platform for designing genome-based Personalized immunotherapy or Vaccine against Cancer.
  5. imRNA: Prediction of immunomodulatory RNAs, for designing of vaccine adjuvants and non-toxic RNAs.
  6. MtbVeb: In silico platform for designing vaccine aginst mycobacterium tuberculosis
  7. PRRDB: A database of pattern recognition receptor.
  8. PolysacDB: A comprehensive database of microbial polysaccharide antigens and their antibodies.
  9. ToxinPred: An in silico method, which is developed to predict and design toxic/non-toxic peptides.
  10. VaccineDA: A webserver for prediction of oligodeoxynucleotide vaccine adjuvant.
  11. VaxinPAD: A webserver for designing peptide based vaccine adjuvant.

External Links to web servers developed/mainatined by Indian groups

This section provides URL/links to important websites developed and maintained by Indian researchers. It exclude servers by Raghava's group, which is given in above section.