Protein Structure

Protein Structure Prediction Servers


  1. ALPHApred: A neural network based method for predicting alpha-turn in a protein.
  2. APSSP:  Advanced Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Server.
  3. APSSP2: Prediction of secondary structure of proteins from their amino acid sequence.
  4. Ar_NHpred: Identification of aromatic-backbone NH interaction in protein residues.
  5. BetaTPred: Statistical-based method for predicting Beta Turns in a protein.
  6. BetaTPred2: Statistical-based method for predicting Beta Turns in a protein.
  7. BetaTPred3: Prediction of beta turns and their types.
  8. BetaTurns: Prediction of beta turn types.
  9. BhairPred: Prediction of beta hairpins in proteins using ANN and SVM techniques.
  10. ccPDB: Compilation and Creation of datasets from PDB
  11. fisipred: Phi-Psi angle prediction using average angle prediction technique.
  12. PEPstr: Prediction of structure of peptides.
  13. PEPstrMODStructural prediction of peptides containing natural, non-natural and modified residues.  
  14. annose Interacting residue.
  15. proclass: protein structure classification server.
  16. QASpro: A webserver for the Quality Assesment of Protein Structure.
  17. SAPdb: A database of nanostructure formed by self assembly of short peptide.
  18. SARpred: A neural network based method predicts the real value of surface acessibility.
  19. SATPdb: A database of structurally annotated therapeutic peptides .
  20. STARPDB: A webserver for annotating structure of a protein using simililarity based approach.
  21. TBBpred: A webserver for the prediction of transmembrane Beta barrel regions in a given protein sequence.
  22. TSP-PRED: A webservice for predicting Tertiary Structure of proteins.