Protein Function

Webservers for Protein Function prediction


  1. ALGpred: Prediction of allergenic proteins and mapping of IgE epitopes in antigens.
  2. ApoCanD:  Database of Human Apoptotic Proteins in the context of cancer.
  3. ChemoPred: A server to predict chemokines and their receptor
  4. ChloroPred: Prediction of chloroplast proteins.
  5. COPid: Composition based identification and classification of proteins.
  6. CytoPred: It is a webserver for prediction and classification of cytokines.
  7. CyclinPred: CyclinPred is a SVM based prediction method to identify novel cyclins.
  8. DAMpro: Disease Associated Mutations in Proteins.
  9. dbEM: A Database of Epigenetic Modifiers
  10. DNAbinder: A webserver for predicting DNA-binding proteins.
  11. DPROT:SVM-based method for predicting of disordered proteins.
  12. ESLpred: Subcellular localization of the eukaryotic proteins using dipeptide compostion and PSI-BLAST.
  13. ESLpred2: Advanced method for subcellular localization of eukaryotic proteins.
  14. GPCRpred: Prediction of families and superfamilies of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR).
  15. GPCRsclass: This webserver predicts amine type of G-protein coupled receptors
  16. GSTpred: SVM-based method for predicting Glutathione S-transferase protein.
  17. HIVcoPRED: Predicting coreceptor used by HIV-1 from Its V3 loop amino acid sequence.
  18. HSLpred: Prediction of subcellular localization of human proteins with high accuracy
  19. MARSpred: Prediction of mitochondrial aminoacyl tRNA synthetases.
  20. MitPred: Prediction of mitochondrial proteins using SVM and hidden Markov model.
  21. NPpred:  A webserver for the prediction of nuclear proteins.
  22. NRpred:  A SVM based method for the classification of nuclear receptors .
  23. OXYpred: Classification and prediction of oxygen binding proteins.
  24. PFMpred: Predicting mitochondrial proteins of malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum.
  25. ProPrInt: A web-server predicts physical or functional interactions between protein molecules.
  26. PSAWeb: Analysis of Protein Sequence and Multiple Alignment.
  27. PSEApred: Prediction of Plasmodium Secretory and Infected Erythrocyte Associated Proteins.
  28. PSLpred: Predict subcellular localization of prokaryotic proteins.
  29. RNApred: A webserver for the prediction of RNA binding proteins.
  30. RSLpred: A method for the subcellular localization prediction of rice proteins.
  31. SRTpred: A method for the classification of protein sequence as secretory or non-secretory protein.
  32. TBpred: A webserver  that predicts four subcellular localization of mycobacterial proteins.
  33. ToxinPred: An in silico method, which is developed to predict and design toxic/non-toxic peptides.
  34. VGIchan: Voltage gated ion channel prediction server.
  35. VICMPpred:  Prediction of Virulence factors, Information molecule, Cellular process and Metabolism molecule in the Bacterial proteins.
  36. XIAPin: Designing of efficient inhibitors against apoptosis protein XIAP (inhibitor against drug resistance cancer).