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Batch Submission Form
(Submission of multiple peptides)

Submission of multiple peptides (in FASTA format) is allowed. It helps to scan putative tumor homing peptides from the library of peptides. The physicochemical properties are displayed according to user selection. Mutants may be generated for each submitted peptide and physicochemical properties are also displayed.

Paste Peptide Sequence(s) in FASTA format:      

OR Upload peptide sequence file:

Select model: NTCT5   NTCT10   Whole peptide   NTCT5 Up to 10 residues  

SVM threshold:

Physicochemical property:
Hydrophobicity    Sterichinderance    Side bulk    Hydropathicity    Amphipathicity    Hydrophilicity   
Net Hydrogen    Charge pI    Molecular weight Secondary Structure* All


*If you check Secondary Structure, please have patience, predicting the secondary structure will take more time.

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