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Protein Structure

Protein Structure Prediction Servers

Name Description
ALPHApred A neural network based method for predicting alpha-turn in a protein.
APSSP Advanced Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Server.
APPSP2 Prediction of secondary structure of proteins from their amino acid sequence.
AR_NHpred Identification of aromatic-backbone NH interaction in protein residues.
BetaTPred Statistical-based method for predicting Beta Turns in a protein.
BetaTPred2 Updated statistical-based method for predicting Beta Turns in a protein.
BetaTPred3 Propensity based prediction of beta turns and their types.
BetaTurns Prediction of beta turn types.
BhairPred Prediction of beta hairpins in proteins using ANN and SVM techniques.
ccPDB 2.0 Compilation and Creation of datasets from PDB.
FiSiPred Phi-Psi angle prediction using average angle prediction technique.
PEPstrMOD Structural prediction of peptides containing natural, non-natural and modified residues.
ProClass protein structure classification server.
QASpro A webserver for the Quality Assesment of Protein Structure.
SAPdb A database of nanostructure formed by self assembly of short peptide.
SARpred A neural network based method predicts the real value of surface acessibility.
SATPdb A database of structurally annotated therapeutic peptides.
StarPDB A webserver for annotating structure of a protein using simililarity based approach.
TBBPred A webserver for the prediction of transmembrane Beta barrel regions in a given protein sequence.
TSPPRED A webservice for predicting Tertiary Structure of proteins.