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Protein Structure

Protein Structure Prediction Servers

Name Description
ALGpred Prediction of allergenic proteins and mapping of IgE epitopes in antigens.
BTXpred A server for predicting bacterial toxins.
CancerPred Prediction of the cancerlectins.
ChloroPred Prediction of chloroplast proteins.
COPid Composition based identification and classification of proteins.
CyclinPred CyclinPred is a SVM based prediction method to identify novel cyclins.
CytoPred It is a webserver for prediction and classification of cytokines.
DNAsize Computation of size of DNA and Protein Fragments from Their Electrophoretic Mobility.
ESLPred Subcellular localization of the eukaryotic proteins using dipeptide compostion and PSI-BLAST.
ESLPred2 Advanced method for subcellular localization of eukaryotic proteins.
GPCRpred Prediction of families and superfamilies of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR).
GPCRsclass This webserver predicts amine type of G-protein coupled receptors.
GSTPred SVM-based method for predicting Glutathione S-transferase protein.
HIVcoPred Predicting coreceptor used by HIV-1 from Its V3 loop amino acid sequence.
HSLPred Prediction of subcellular localization of human proteins with high accuracy.
ISSPred Prediction of Intein Splice Site.
LGEpred Correlation analysis and prediction of genes expression from amino acid sequence of proteins.
MANGO Prediction of Protein Function from Manually Annotated proteins based on GO (Gene Ontology).
MitPred Prediction of mitochondrial proteins using SVM and hidden Markov model.
NRpred A SVM based method for the classification of nuclear receptors.
NTXpred Identification of neurotoxins their source and function from primary amino acid sequence.
OxyPred Classification and prediction of oxygen binding proteins.
PFMpred Predicting mitochondrial proteins of malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum.
ProPrInt A web-server predicts physical or functional interactions between protein molecules.
PSEApred Prediction of Plasmodium Secretory and Infected Erythrocyte Associated Proteins.
PSLpred Predict subcellular localization of prokaryotic proteins.
RSLpred A method for the subcellular localization prediction of rice proteins.
TBPred A webserver that predicts four subcellular localization of mycobacterial proteins.
VGIchain Voltage gated ion channel prediction server.
VICMpred Prediction of Virulence factors, Information molecule, Cellular process and Metabolism molecule in the Bacterial proteins.