A Webserver to compute features of nucleotide (DNA/RNA) sequences

Nfeature is a web server for computing wide range of nucleic acid features from their DNA or RNA sequence. Following are main menus for computing features; i) Composition/Distribution based features, ii) Autocorrelation based features, and iii) Binary Profiles of sequences. Additionally, users will also be able to generate these features for sub-parts of DNA or RNA sequences.

Major Modules


In this module, we are computing features of DNA/RNA, i.e. we will be dealing with nucleotides A,C,G,T,U and their K-Mers. This module computes the nucleotide composition, distance distribution of nucleotides, nucleotide repeat index and entropy on sequence and nucleotide level.


In this module, correlation based features of DNA/RNA sequences are explored. Correlation is basically a relation between properties i.e. if property is related to its own then it is termed as auto-correlation and if there exists some correlation between two properties then it is termed as cross-correlation. Correlation based features basically convert the different length DNA/RNA sequences into fixed size vectors.

Binary Profiles

In this module, we are computing binary equivalents of each nucleotide. Generally, overlapping windows are used to create all possible patterns of fixed length from a sequence. Then each pattern is converted in binary profile (1 for presence and 0 for absent) for numerical repersentation of profile.

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