A webserver for the prediction of metastatic triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) patients

MTNBCPred is a service for the prediction of lymph-node metastatic and non-metastatic TNBC patients. Our major prediction modules based on the biomarkers such as 5-Gene TNBC Biomarker, 15-Gene TNBC Biomarker. These TNBC biomarkers identified using gene expression profiles of a total of TCGA-TNBC samples. The user can also analyse the expression pattern of any of 15-top genes in lymph-node metastatic vs non-metastatic conditions.


This tool allow the user to predict whether the sample is in lymph-node metastatic and non-metastatic using their expression profiles (RNA-seq expression data) of specific signature genes or biomarker of TNBC. To predict the status of sample user need to provide expression values i.e., log2-CPM of specific genes. MTNBCPred incorporate major models based on the diagnostic TNBC biomarkers such as: I) 5-Gene TNBC biomarker II) 15-Gene TNBC biomarkers.


This tool facilitates the user to evaluates the significant role and expression pattern of the "Signature genes of TNBC biomarkers". Further, it predict metastatic and non-metastatic status of a gene based on values like threshold, AUROC, Mean_NM, Mean_LNM of each gene corresponditing to each patients on the basis of datasets used in this study.

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