The server will predict mutated high affinity and promiscuous MHC class-I binding peptides from protein sequence. The prediction is based upon quantitative matrices generated in present study. The data for generation of quantitative matrices were drawn from MHCBN database. The server is useful in identification of mutated antigenic peptides when the natural protein is lacking in potential vaccine canidadtes. The server will predict the promiscuous mutated MHC class I binding peptides by introducing mutations at one,two or three positions. These peptides are crucial in overcoming the barriers of MHC restriction and subunit vaccine design.The server also facilitate the prediction of mutated high affinity MHC binding peptides as compared to native peptides. This procedure is known as epitope enhancement.

The server will predict the nonamer peptides having single amino acid mutated at random or user defind position.

In same way server can predict the nonamer peptides having two amino acid mutated at randomly or user defined position.

The server will predict nonamer peptides having three amino acid mutated at user defined positions.

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