Users can follow the following steps while using the Hslped :

Name of the protein : This is an optional field.

Input sequence: There are two ways of submitting the protein sequence. User can paste the sequence directly into the inbox field provided or upload the file by using the "BROWSE" option. Sequences must be entered in the one-letter code. All the non standard characters will be ignored from the sequence.

Sequence format: Server can accept both the formatted or unformatted protein sequences. It uses ReadSeq routine to parse the input. The user should check the format of the input sequence before submitting the prediction. The results of the prediction will be wrong if the format choosen is wrong.

Prediction Approaches: Server provides 4 different types of approaches for the prediction of subcellular localization of the proteins. Users have the option to choose either of the prediction approach available. The brief account of all the approaches is given below:

Output: The output shows the input data as submitted by the user along with the prediction results. It gives the name ( if provided), input sequence, length of the sequence and prediction approach as used by the users. In addition to this different scores generated for all the four types of locations are also given. In case of hybrid approach, details such as RI value and expected accuracy are aslo displayed.