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A web server for predicting human associated Influenza A virus strains Reference: Roy et al. (2022) In silico method for predicting infectious strains of influenza A virus from its genome and protein sequences.J Gen Virol. 2022 Nov;103(11). doi: 10.1099/jgv.0.001802.

FluSPred(Flu Spread Prediction) is a machine learning based tool to predict the human associated Influenza A virus strains with the help of its protein and genome sequences, stating whether a viral strain has the potential to infect human hosts. This was developed to help prioritize high-risk viral strains for future research, aid the study of emergence or the risk a novel influenza virus possesses if it acquires the capability to spread human to human.

FluSPred will be able to take a query sequence or a set of sequences of Influenza A proteins and genomes in .fasta format, and the respective model has to be selected by the user. The model will predict the human associated viral strains, stating if it will infect humans or not, in the form of an output file in .csv format.