DMKPred: Drug molecules for kinase protein

Help For DMKPred Web-server

Here we developed web-server for the prediction of Kd value of chemical kinase inhibitors with specific protein kinases using SVM. We use the molecular descriptors of chemical maolecules, calculated by PreADMET as input feature for SVM.

Paste Molecular Descriptors

For this user can either paste the molecular descriptors in plain or standard format. User must read example file and list of chemical and its molecular descriptors before running this. List of chemicals and its descriptors given in example file.

Prediction Model
User may select any specific kinase model or select all kinases for Kd prediction (by default user is EGFR kinase model).

Support vector machine (SVM_light) is an machine learning technique. Our method is based on this machine learning techniques.Depending upon user it will calculate the Kd of chemical molecules with specific protein kinases.