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Teaching Courses

Teaching Courses by Dr. Raghava at IIIT Delhi

1. Big Data Mining in Healthcare 

Instructor: Prof. G. P. S. Raghava, Center for Computational Biology, IIIT-Delhi

(Winter Semester 2019, IIIT-Delhi)

Brief Description: There is a exponential growth of data in the field of biological, medical and clinical sciences. Aim of this course is to taught implementation of data mining techniques in healthcare, to solve health-related problems. In this course, students will learn techniques for managing and mining big data. It will be broadly divided in four parts; first part will cover various repositories or databases in the field of medical and biological data. In second part, students will be introduced with techniques commonly used to analyze and manage big data. Implementation of techniques using Python and R will be covered in third phase of this course. Finally, students will learn how to solve health-related problems using knowledge based discovery approach.  

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Backpack to join this course for IIIT Delhi students : https://www.usebackpack.com/iiitd/w2019/bio543


2. Machine Learning for Biomedical Applications

Instructor: Prof. G. P. S. Raghava, Center for Computational Biology, IIIT-Delhi

(Monsoon Semester 2018, IIIT-Delhi)

Brief Description: This course is designed for students having wide range of background like biology, medical science, pharmacology, bioinformatics, computer science. This course is divided in following three sections; i) Major challenges in the field of biomedical science, ii) Introduction/implementation of machine learning techniques for developing prediction models, and iii) solving biomedical problems using machine learning techniques. This course will be help students in developing  novel methods for solving real-life problems in the field of biological and health sciences. Attempt will made to bridge gap between students and world class researchers, students will be exposed to highly accurate methods based on machine learning techniques (research papers).

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Backpack: For students@IIITD to join the course