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Servers in the field of Chemoinformatics & Pharmacoinformatics

Name Description
ABMpred Prediction of AntiBacterial Compounds against MurA Enzyme.
CancerIN A web server for predicting anticancer activity of molecules.
DiPCell Designing of inhibitors against pancreatic cancer cell lines.
DMKPred A webserver for the prediction of binding of chemical molecules with specific kinases.
DrugMint A web server for identification of drug like molecules.
EGFRindb A database of EGF(Epidermal Growth Factor) receptors (anticaner database).
EGFRPred A web service for the predicting and designing of inhibitors against EGFR (anticancer drugs).
GDoQ iPrediction of GLMU inhibitors (anti-tubeculosis inhibitors) using QSAR and docking apprach.
HIVFin Prediction of Fusion Inhibitors against HIV (drugs against HIV).
KetoDrug A web server for binding affinity prediction of ketoxazole derivatives against Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase (FAAH)
KiDoQ Prediction of inhibition against dihydrodipicolinate synthase of M. Tuberculosis.
MDRIpred Predicting inhibitor against drug tolrent M.Tuberculosis.
MetaPred Prediction of Cytochrome P450 Isoform responsible for metabolizing a drug molecule.
ntEGFR QSAR-Based Models for designing inhibitors against Wild and Mutant EGFR (anti-cancer drug).
TLR4HI SVM based model for computing inhbitors against human TLR4 (Toll like receptor).
ToxiPred A server for prediction of aqueous toxicity of small chemical molecules in T. pyriformis.